Osteopathy (Alerry is currently in year 4 studies of the 5-year program of the Canadian College of Osteopathy) is guided by the principle of relating to the patient as a whole being, and not just as one specific health issue. It is a natural healing medicine and science based on manual therapy, with precise palpation used to assess and treat the patient.

Osteopathy’s objective is to find the cause of dysfunction, and to restore health and balance to the whole person. All the systems of the body are addressed to resolve specific injuries and health issues.

Five years of osteopathic study build a deep knowledge of the body, how it moves, and its interrelated systems. Your practitioner (currently in study) will assess and balance your skeleton, muscles, cardiovascular, neurological, cranial and visceral systems.

In Manitoba, osteopathy is fairly new, but has been practiced since Andrew Taylor Still (MD) developed it in the 1870’s. It is well established in BC, Ontario, Quebec, the US, throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand as an important healing modality. In some countries, osteopathy is integrated into the national medical system.

There are two streams of osteopathy recognized internationally, a medical stream of osteopathic physicians and surgeons (D.O.), and a manual stream of osteopaths (D.O.M.P.). Canada is one of a few countries worldwide in which both streams of osteopathy are represented within the different provinces.