AlerryLavitt-headshot-2Alerry Lavitt is an award-winning Winnipeg artist, with work in private and government collections.  

“My work investigates responses to the relationship of body, power, perception, and the natural world.  I use evocative materials that may be gendered traditionally as feminine to make sense of the contradictions in the world around me.  My mixed media pieces align the tensions of anxiety, fear and perceived powerlessness with the quiet power and transformative quality of long-term, small, ritual gestures.  Occasionally, a dash of satirical humor blends in, highlighting glaring moral inconsistencies in public roles of power.  Natural materials; feathers, furs, stone, and bark, infuse the work with soft sensuality, whispers of history and a connection to the natural world.”


Falcon Trails Resort Artist in Residence (2018)

Radio Canada (2015)

First Friday Favourites, Destination Winnipeg (2014)